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Check-in dialog has no maximum size and grows very wide
User & Date: anonymous 2016-04-26 11:16:22

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    The check-in dialog uses a combobox dropdown to display recent check-in comments. If the check-in comments are long, multiple lines are shown on one line (I think?). This causes the combobox to have a minimum width that is wider than my screen.

    This then causes the dialog to have a minimum size that is wider than my screen, or to grow to an insane width. As I am using this on OSX, the popup dialog is an in-place child of the main window (not an independent floating window) so I cannot resize it smaller. Nor can I resize the main window as the dialog is modal.

    Is there any method of enforcing a maximum width of this window? I do not see anything enforcing this in the dialog's constructor.


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    Check-in dialog has no maximum size and grows very wide

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