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Artifact ID: 65bdb5ab1b060bb308eb375f6332b683e098ac70
Ticket: 05b0ead9e16a15723d069c333b03336528595049
Allow different file extensions
User & Date: anonymous 2019-11-24 23:04:42

  1. Change foundin to "2.0.0 win32"
  2. Change icomment to:
    The "open" dialog in the program only filters for .fossil or .fslckout files,
    making it impossible to open fossils with a different extension / no extension.
    An all-files *.* filter is not provided.
    Therefore, Fuel does not even see my repos unless I rename them.
  3. Change login to "anonymous"
  4. Change mimetype to "text/x-fossil-plain"
  5. Change severity to "Important"
  6. Change status to "Open"
  7. Change title to "Allow different file extensions"
  8. Change type to "Feature_Request"